Monday, January 17, 2011

Some projects complete, some things to look forward too...

We are getting a new hot tub in a few weeks! My father-in-law came out Thurs.- Sat. to help John take apart the old and redo the deck. Instead of wood they put down the composite wood stuff. It looks so nice and I'm not afraid of falling through the deck now lol.

The hot tub in the picture is the old one, it has been broken a few years. Sophie checking out the new deck
 Some of my personal progress - I built this for storage and to put my sewing or embroidery machine on when not in use.
 My Uncle has a party every year for the community it was this past Saturday and this was my pretty dress.
 This was today. I was a bit under the weather and so if I'm laying around you'll find Sophie pretty close by.

I'm so excited for the last weekend of the month for the Phoenix Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival Jan 27, 28 and 29th! I plan to be there all 3 days. It is their 17th year but I've never been so I'm not 100% sure what to expect but am so looking forward to it. Is anyone else attending?? As soon as I get the itinerary I will post it. The email says they will send it out a week before. I heard that if you want to take classes you must bring your sewing machine so I bought a rolling bag for mine just in case.

I'm going to try to make it to Tucson this year for the gem show but not sure that is going to happen. Hopefully I will find out this week. Then mid-Feb is the Arabian Horse Show and my mom-in-law has a booth there so I'm sure I will be going a few times.

So as it stands I don't think there will be any serious sewing or jewelry making until the end of Feb. I'm looking forward to it!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pretty much my best day ever...

****Image HEAVY! Lots of pictures!

The day was yesterday 1/10/11. For one it was my sister's birthday, but the other reason was my birthday present from my amazing loving husband...

Anyone who knows me knows for the past 5+ years I have loved 30 Seconds to Mars.


I found out back in December they were playing the BCS Party and called my concert buddy Jeremy. However we decided not to go because we figured it would be insane, which it was! We had to walk a long way - there were SO many people in the whole area for the BCS Championship I've never seen a crowd like that.


Then my amazing husband said he would find out who was putting the show on -
(John owns Creative Backstage which he does lighting, video, sound and stage etc.)
so the next day he called and told me he found out who was doing the show and he made them an offer they couldn't refuse on the lighting and video.

Amazing husband right? I was a bit sick to my stomach and crying lol. What a huge sacrifice just so I could get close to the band. The results = backstage passes and free show. However I hope great opportunities for Creative Backstage as well. Here's hoping he gets shows out of it...


This picture below was taken from the stage - they were singing Kings and Queens


Sister and I onstage - Jeremy took the picture


This is Tomo - he is so nice, my first time meeting him.


And *drum roll please* Jared and I!! Happy Birthday to Me!


Awhile ago I got a picture with Jared but it was terrible lol. I'm not sure this one is much better but it was so nice to be able to talk to him without screaming fans all over. So in all my husband absolutely gave me the best birthday present ever!

The only thing I was disappointed about is neither Jeremy, Julie or I thought to get a picture with each other ha.

More pics will be on my facebook.

So far 2011 has been great!

Until next time...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finally finished!

I finally finished my studio this morning. What a great feeling to have a clean studio! So I figured I better take pictures right now to show you, err as it may not be THIS clean for very long...

 My L-desk for sewing purposes as well as pc.
 This will be the jewelry making table. Note sign says "Caution Teresa's Room" ha gotta love the husband!
 That big cabinet has all my beads and jewelry items in it.
 Sizzix kick ass machine! Just some of the things it can do.
My Christmas present from my fabulous mother-in-law Barb! Thank you again Barb! I can't wait to jump in and start making things!

Unfortunately in all this re-decorating it has injured my back. I have back issues to begin with and just got carried away. Since the weight loss has started I haven't had to see the chiro in 3 months which is a long stretch for me, so I got carried away and am a bit sore now. I did go to the chiro yesterday though and am feeling somewhat better it's just my back feels like someone took a bat to it lol, I'm hoping to be fine very soon!

Otherwise just some resting today! Hope to get to the crafting very soon, as soon as the back is better.

Have a great weekend!

Until next time...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

37 years old and a day...

If you didn't know - yesterday was my birthday - 37! - How does this happen? I remember being 17 just yesterday lol. I'm actually looking forward to this year. I kind of like my birthday so close to New Year's because making goals for the New Year is also making goals for my older age lol.

Here are some pictures from my day...

My bestest Rebbecca sent me this Edible Arrangement! Very perfect for the new Weight Watchers fruit 0 pointsplus plan!

This beautiful baby Addy came to visit me for my birthday! We had a great afternoon hanging out and going to Tempe Marketplace with...

Her momma Dani! So happy they came to visit me!

I will be getting a very special present from my husband but can not reveal anything just yet, it will be a few more days. It is an amazing present though! Details to come!

All in all 37 was a great day! Err except I chose to go to Chipotle for the salad cause I had weigh in this morning and well I ended up sick during the night and most the day, I still feel a little ick. But it was still good! - I love Chipotle!

Speaking of weigh in - well I gained umm 10 lbs over the holidays. Now by holidays I mean from Thanksgiving to Christmas and everyday in between lol. But it's okay, I'm back-ish on track again and ready to jump into the new PointsPlus program. I am excited about the fruit being 0 points! Bananas used to be 2! I'll update this as I did before (when I did blog) and keep you up on my progress. Weigh in is Thursday am so if I don't blog you should get on me to keep you updated :) it helps knowing people are reading and watching. Sadly pre-Thanksgiving I got down to 45 lbs now with the gain it's about 35ish. I need to lose the 10 I gained plus another 30 to 35lbs. I will reach it this year!!!

The desk is almost complete, when I get it finished and in my studio I will be sure to post pictures (before I mess it up again) No! I must keep it clean and organized! I really must make an effort in this part of my life! Sorry a little rant there...

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Making progress...

The next few pictures I will post I must warn you are scary - very scary. My office has been in a scary state as of late - I can't believe I'm going to actually show these pictures but here we go...
Please don't be too scared. It is in much better shape now - still a work in progress but it's getting there...
 See that very dirty window? Today I took the screens off and cleaned the window and screens you can actually see through it now...

Crazy right? How does this happen? I will blame the holidays. I must say though a very important goal for me in 2011 is to keep this office clean - if I make a necklace I need to put the beads away and back in the bin. It's so easy just to put the beading board aside and grab another and then the next thing I know I have 10 beading boards with beads all over. You'd think after all these years I'd have it together by now lol - umm no but I am working on it! Also from here on out, if you don't mind, I'd like to refer to my office as my studio. I feel since I will be adding a sewing machine and an embroidery machine to the mix it has earned the title of 'studio'. It's the little things that make me happy lol.

I was going to post some more pictures but they won't load now so I will share them soon...

Don't be too frightened of my 'studio' pictures! 2011 will be clean and organized!

Tomorrow I will be 37. I'm actually okay with this which is weird lol. My 30th birthday I cried like a baby! 35th was a little tough too but for some reason I'm okay getting older....
 this year anyway...

Until next time...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm hoping for great things this year - one thing is organization and time management and to blog more! I know I don't have an out of the house job but I still can't seem to keep it all together. I do believe my sister inherited those skills lol. However this year I hope to really work on these 2 things.

For Christmas this year I received an embroidery/sewing machine and a Sizzix machine. I know I am the jewelry maker but I most definitely plan on expanding to sewing this year. For Christmas I made my nieces skirts and have to say I really enjoyed it so am looking forward to more projects very soon. First things first though and that means my office is getting a new look all around. I'm hoping to get it painted this week!

My to-do list this week is:

Clean and redo office, which includes painting the walls (I'm thinking bright yellow and an accent wall of greenish)

Get a new desk

Get rid of the things I don't use or haven't thought about using in awhile

Turn 37 - eek!

Blog the recipe for veggie chili for my sis Emily

Make and send Janae's bracelet! Sorry my friend!

And that has to be all because I will be surprised if I get the whole office done this week! I will try though!

So on that note Happy New Year to you all and I hope to blog more! And hopefully you enjoy reading my blog!

The Garbersons Christmas 2010

Until next time...