Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finally finished!

I finally finished my studio this morning. What a great feeling to have a clean studio! So I figured I better take pictures right now to show you, err as it may not be THIS clean for very long...

 My L-desk for sewing purposes as well as pc.
 This will be the jewelry making table. Note sign says "Caution Teresa's Room" ha gotta love the husband!
 That big cabinet has all my beads and jewelry items in it.
 Sizzix kick ass machine! Just some of the things it can do.
My Christmas present from my fabulous mother-in-law Barb! Thank you again Barb! I can't wait to jump in and start making things!

Unfortunately in all this re-decorating it has injured my back. I have back issues to begin with and just got carried away. Since the weight loss has started I haven't had to see the chiro in 3 months which is a long stretch for me, so I got carried away and am a bit sore now. I did go to the chiro yesterday though and am feeling somewhat better it's just my back feels like someone took a bat to it lol, I'm hoping to be fine very soon!

Otherwise just some resting today! Hope to get to the crafting very soon, as soon as the back is better.

Have a great weekend!

Until next time...


Abigail Leigh said...

It looks fabulous!!!! And you have a pretty fancy sewing machine there, I'm jealous.....hope your back feel better soon. IB works wonders on that

chelsburke2 said...

Looks great! I hope your back begins to feel better soon. ♥