Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pretty much my best day ever...

****Image HEAVY! Lots of pictures!

The day was yesterday 1/10/11. For one it was my sister's birthday, but the other reason was my birthday present from my amazing loving husband...

Anyone who knows me knows for the past 5+ years I have loved 30 Seconds to Mars.


I found out back in December they were playing the BCS Party and called my concert buddy Jeremy. However we decided not to go because we figured it would be insane, which it was! We had to walk a long way - there were SO many people in the whole area for the BCS Championship I've never seen a crowd like that.


Then my amazing husband said he would find out who was putting the show on -
(John owns Creative Backstage which he does lighting, video, sound and stage etc.)
so the next day he called and told me he found out who was doing the show and he made them an offer they couldn't refuse on the lighting and video.

Amazing husband right? I was a bit sick to my stomach and crying lol. What a huge sacrifice just so I could get close to the band. The results = backstage passes and free show. However I hope great opportunities for Creative Backstage as well. Here's hoping he gets shows out of it...


This picture below was taken from the stage - they were singing Kings and Queens


Sister and I onstage - Jeremy took the picture


This is Tomo - he is so nice, my first time meeting him.


And *drum roll please* Jared and I!! Happy Birthday to Me!


Awhile ago I got a picture with Jared but it was terrible lol. I'm not sure this one is much better but it was so nice to be able to talk to him without screaming fans all over. So in all my husband absolutely gave me the best birthday present ever!

The only thing I was disappointed about is neither Jeremy, Julie or I thought to get a picture with each other ha.

More pics will be on my facebook.

So far 2011 has been great!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

That is so cool, wow, john is a fantastic hubby!!! Love, Britt