Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some catching up...

I mentioned in my last post that I had a jewelry party here at my house. I have a few pictures of the set-up, I did change somethings after of course up until the last minute but this is the basic set-up.

There was another table of jewelry like the first picture. I was surprised I found enough room in my house to have this much jewelry displayed! I was nervous for this party being the first one I'd ever had here but it went well. I'm hoping to have another party somewhere before the holidays.

I've been working on updating the websites. Facebook TDT Designs has a few new pieces I updated today. I will hopefully get the Christmas jewelry up this week. Teresa's Desert Treasures will be updated next week. I wish it didn't take so long to do updates on, I would definitely be better about updates if it were easier lol.

TDT Designs Facebook and Teresa's Desert Treasures is featured on an online article. I am excited for this article and hope it helps out my business positively. Please read the article HERE let me know what you think. I'm grateful to Di for featuring TDT in this article.

Now onto some non-business things....

I'm hoping to make skirts for my nieces for Christmas. They will just be simple elastic waist skirts, now just to get the sites done so I can start this project for 10+ little girls! This is some of the fabric I have purchased so far - they are all courderoy.

Well it seems I'm having trouble uploading photos now. I will try and post the pictures tomorrow.

Since the rest of my post has pictures as well I guess I'm done for the night lol. Weigh in tomorrow eek! Wish me luck!

Until next time...

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I will write up a big blog tomorrow. I slacked - again - I know! I'm working on it.

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a better way to start up a blog again than a rainy Tuesday afternoon.

I know, I know where have I been? Well I've been here, I just put the blog away for awhile. I follow quite a few blogs though and they have all inspired me to start this up again.
I wouldn't even know how to catch up on the past 6-ish months except to say that Weight Watchers is going well. I've lost 42 lbs. to date and am about half way there. I think it will be next March by the time I hit goal. Hopefully no later lol.

This is pre - Weight Watchers...

This is pretty much now. I think this was a few weeks ago.

I had my first jewelry party of the season this past Saturday. It went pretty well, now if I can just have a few more of those before Christmas I'd be excited. I'm currently taking a break from taking pictures of all the jewelry for the websites. There will be a huge update on the sites in the next week or so, it just takes some time to do updates.

John's season has started so he is busy. Creative Backstage has been and is doing some pretty cool shows. I'm so happy for the hubs. They will be doing Ke$ha in Flagstaff this coming weekend and a few weekends ago they did Train - that was a great show! Busy season can be trying on the emotions sometimes being alone so much but I have TDT and am thrilled to start using my sewing machine.

I mentioned oh 6 months ago about my sewing machine and have yet to start anything but once I get the sites updated and get the custom orders done from the show then I will be starting Christmas presents. Simple stuff at first of course I need to get used to the sewing machine. I have about 12 little girls on my list so they will all be getting elastic waist skirts! I went looking at fabric yesterday - oh my! there are so many great prints to choose from! It's going to be hard but good thing there are birthday throughout the year as well!

I think this is a good update for now. I will do my best to keep this going this time, however there are spans of time where my life just isn't interesting lol so I just might not have anything to type about. I'll do my best to keep it interesting though!

Until next time...