Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm hoping for great things this year - one thing is organization and time management and to blog more! I know I don't have an out of the house job but I still can't seem to keep it all together. I do believe my sister inherited those skills lol. However this year I hope to really work on these 2 things.

For Christmas this year I received an embroidery/sewing machine and a Sizzix machine. I know I am the jewelry maker but I most definitely plan on expanding to sewing this year. For Christmas I made my nieces skirts and have to say I really enjoyed it so am looking forward to more projects very soon. First things first though and that means my office is getting a new look all around. I'm hoping to get it painted this week!

My to-do list this week is:

Clean and redo office, which includes painting the walls (I'm thinking bright yellow and an accent wall of greenish)

Get a new desk

Get rid of the things I don't use or haven't thought about using in awhile

Turn 37 - eek!

Blog the recipe for veggie chili for my sis Emily

Make and send Janae's bracelet! Sorry my friend!

And that has to be all because I will be surprised if I get the whole office done this week! I will try though!

So on that note Happy New Year to you all and I hope to blog more! And hopefully you enjoy reading my blog!

The Garbersons Christmas 2010

Until next time...


Abigail Leigh said...

Good luck with everything and again, Happy New Year!!!!!

TDT Designs said...

Thank you Abby! I hope your allergies and sinus leaves you be! When your feeling better I'd like to order another handbag!