Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday already?

Tuesday I went to the Arabian Horse Show with my neice Trinity and my friend Amiee (who is also Trin's g-ma) and I remembered to take pictures! I'm getting better people!
Trin and Amiee
Trin and me 
Trin being silly

and some horses and riders waiting to see who won

It was a great day all around!

Yesterday morning I woke disgusted with my office. I don't know why but decided I needed to change it somehow even if it was a small change. I cleaned out the closet and put my bookshelves in it and then moved my work/jewelry table against the wall instead of in the middle of the room where it has been all these years. I have a shelf that had trinkets and what not from people and I carefully packed them away to use the shelf for jewelry. It is now open and I can now easily get in all the drawers on my jewelry shelves and also have access to my closet. I always had to move the table to get in the closet or the glass shelves (you can see the top of the glass shelves in below picture.) Anyway I'm pleased with the results and can now start being creative in this new environment. I will take pictures when it is completely clean. Right now it's about 90% clean lol.
Today I will be working on Trinity's birthday presents. I bought her clothes for her birthday so I'm going to make jewelry and hair accessories to match. Her party is Saturday but she will turn 5 next Tuesday. 5 already! Also I will be meeting my sister this afternoon to buy the food etc. for Trinity's party.

Have a great day!

Until next time...