Monday, February 22, 2010

Great weekend - ready for a new week!

My neice Trinity's 5th birthday party was Saturday. It was supposed to be at a park but the weather had other plans, it rained and rained. The party was timed to start at 11:00 so at 9:00 am I called my sister and said we were moving it to my house, we then called everyone to let them know it was moved. It ended up being a great party despite the rain! All the kids had a good time out back when it wasn't raining. I think I counted 12 kids - I'm not sure I've ever had that many kids here before! Here are all the pictures - enjoy..
Birthday Girl! Trinity
Opening the presents. All the kids crowded around so she didn't have much room ha.
Cake YuM!

Who is that man under the hat? My dad.

My nephew Austin, my Tata and my dad - 3 generations

 My stepbrother Taylor - he is engaged I can't wait for his wedding in April!

My beautiful big little sister Julie (Trinity's mom)
My bestest Rebbecca and me

and last but not least my nephew Austin and I

Great party!
This week will be busy and hopefully I will get new pieces made. I ordered my sewing machine which I am very excited to get, it should be in early next week. I had my first sale on my etsy store yesterday thanks to my friend Katie's mom - thank you Kristi! Wednesday I will get a much needed haircut and Thursday *drum roll please* I will be joining Weight Watchers - smaller Teresa here I come! So see exciting and busy week! 

Until next time...