Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, Monday

Today I went to the Arabian Horse show with my very dear friend Rebbecca and her daughters Leilani and Ashley. It was a great day a bit warm though I felt quite sunned by the time we left. I was excited to find a star scarf at the Hat Lady (I love stars! I have 4 star tattoos) the one I got is black with cream stars but I'm thinking I might get another tomorrow - there are other colors hmm...

So yes I will be going to the show tomorrow as well. Tomorrow I will be taking my neice Trinity and my friend Amiee (Trin's g-ma). Hopefully I don't get so sunned. I think I will wear a hat, I do think I look silly in hats but it helps! Maybe I will get pictures tomorrow. I slacked today. Must remember pictures!

Well that wraps up my President's Day, hope yours was well.

Until next time...