Sunday, February 14, 2010

Busy week - time to catch up...

It was a busy week last week, I didn‘t take the time to blog but hope to not do that again for such a long stretch! My mom-in-law Barb came in Sunday so we were busy, busy running errands and such. She sells southwestern jewelry (she is Trader Barb’s on my website) this time of year is the Scottsdale Arabian Horse show she has a booth there. 
Wednesday was the day jewelry gets set so I went to help Annie, Barb and Aunt Patty
Mom-in-law and me

Friday Jeremy and I went to the Arabian Show most of the day then just spent the evening being lazzzzzzzzy watching movies.
Saturday night I went to dinner with my dad and stepsister Emily who was in town for a few days. Was a great visit!

 My darling husband had 5 shows this week so I didn't get to see him much. It's that time of year! I miss him when he is busy but grateful for the business/shows. He owns his own company Creative Backstage as well. Now he just needs to get better before his next round of shows this week (keep reading).

And today Sunday on this Valentine’s Day also the 20th Anniversary with my husband I sit here watching my husband suffer with sickness. Mind you I am not sitting near him while he suffers lol. I am at the other end of the couch - I do not want to get sick!

I’d like to state that today is not our wedding anniversary that is May 3rd and it will be 13 years, but since there are more than 7 years in-between the dates we celebrate both. So it is crazy to believe we have been together 20 years. Mind you I was 16 when we moved in together, and since I’m 36 then yes it has been 20 years lol. Just doesn’t seem so sometimes. It’s been a great 20 years and I can’t wait for 20 more!

Well for the most part that rounds out my week. I hope the husband feels better when he wakes. We were going to take a day trip to Prescott, that's where this love fest began many years ago, but not with him being sick. There’s always another time or next year!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

Until next time...