Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frustration and other things...

Well about 2 weeks ago prior to getting sick I got a new computer, my old one is dead so it was definitely needed. I am currently trying to change my business website to a new storefront but now that my new pc is windows 7 my new storefront doesn't work with windows 7. Agghh!!! I have done so much work on this new website (I will admit I cried myself to sleep with frustration last night). I will of course get in touch with customer service and see if this can be fixed. I hope so, to have to do all that work again would not be pleasant. So cross your fingers for me this gets resolved please!

When the day comes that there is a new website I will have a giveaway! Hopefully that will be sooner than later!

About 3 years ago (yes 3 years!) I asked my dad to make me a storage box, he is a wood crafter and makes great things! Well finally after all this time he made it! I need to cover it still. I was hoping to do that 2 weeks ago but got sick, so hopefully this weekend/ next week it will be done.

Here is what it looks like prior to being covered

The inside

I have so many things to fill this with! I can't wait to get it covered and use it. Mainly it's all the wii extras and the stuff that should be hidden in the living room.

 John and I are going to go to AZ Science Center - Body Worlds Exhibit sometime today. I got a coupon on groupon and it expires on the 8th so we better get down there! Otherwise just hoping to make progress with the new website! I hope you have a great day all!

Until next time...