Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Updating and so much more.

I know I slacked again! It's terrible. I'm really working on trying to organize my time better. I've never been very good at this task.

I previously mentioned I was joining Weight Watchers and I did last Thursday. I will admit the first few days were terrible poor John had to put up with me. It is much easier now. I haven't had a weigh in yet but I'm crossing my fingers it will be good! It doesn't seem it should be such a hard thing, it's just food after all, but when you make yourself aware of what your about to eat it really changes how you eat. Of course how I eat now is better for me than the path I was taking! So the journey begins.

The weekend was low key. I updated the earrings page on TDT Designs, hopefully later in the week I will do another update. So boring but that about rounds out my weekend.

Today I went to a pet supply store with Rebbecca and got my Sophie some treats and shampoo and then we went to lunch. Poor Sophie has had a traumatic experience last night that left her sleeping on my bed all night (she has a bed of her own at the end of our bed). I'm not even sure what happened I was in bed reading my kindle and she jumped in her bed barked loudly and then jumped on my bed shaking (a ghost? ha) and then proceeded to stay there all night...
This was her this morning when I was getting ready. Poor pup. 

Tomorrow I am babysitting my nieces Lily and Mina again and then back home to do more work! I need to get jewelry made so I can break out my sewing machine and start experimenting but before I do that I'd really like the website fully updated - then at that point start a new project. Speaking of website I'm looking to change the layout, if I could ever figure it out ha. Another project I have coming up is an online Indie business class. I'm quite excited for this class I really think it will help me get a jump start on my business. I know I've had TDT since 2002 but just recently I've decided I really want to make it my life's work so now it's time to get serious and not just the holiday parties I've been doing all these years. I'm ready. Finally.

Well that's all for now. I hope your all well (if there's anybody out there...)

Until next time...