Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Button Jewelry

I started a few button items today. Unfortunately the bracelet I wanted to make will not work so I need to figure out how to redo it or just buy more buttons. The buttons I have now the holes are too small for what I wanted them for. So I will continue creating something until I get different buttons.

My lovely friend Vanessa surprised me by taking me to lunch today. I always enjoy my time with Vanessa, however unfortunately she is one of the busiest people I know so if she calls to get together I go! I will actually see her 2 days in a row as I'm taking her to the airport tomorrow for her weekend trip.

After lunch I went to Michael's and got some more new goodies. I have a few gift cards from Christmas so I've been slowly using them up.Here is what I bought today. 
The top piece I plan on making a bracelet with. And earrings with the bottom 2.

Earrings or a multi-layer bracelet hmm..

On the way home I went to Amiee's (my friend and my nieces grandma) to show her what I bought and show her some things I've been working on. And of course it's always great to see my niece Trin!
That about rounded out my day. I didn't get more jewelry done like I was hoping but there's always tomorrow! This was me today - I like this color green.

Until next time...