Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Necklace

I made a simple goal for this morning, to make a necklace and I accomplished that goal. I think that is how I need to approach things - one task at a time not a million, then I just get overwhelmed.

This is a Wood Pendant (sadly no I am not talented enough to have painted it) with Red Jasper beads and Black Onyx beads. The pendant is a LARGE pendant, so if you like big you'll love this necklace!

 This necklace is posted on TDT Designs at Etsy already.

This afternoon I must go buy a present for my dear friends baby Xan's 1st birthday, I am excited to see all of my westsiders on Saturday.

However if I have time I will make another jewel today!

Have a great day!

Until next time...